Day Six: Packing up

Tuesday June 15, 2010

[From the trip Brampton Island June 2010]

Our final day on the island was marred by a rapidly worsening weather front coming through.  We had a morning bird walk which produced very little of interest before returning to camp to find out we were leaving before it became too rough to make the trip.

We quickly packed up the camp and managed to beat the rising tide onto the boat with all our gear.  It was a great effort, particularly on the part of the volunteers.  The trip back was pretty rough, but we had a great captain and were quite safe the whole way back.  It was a good thing we left when we did as the afternoon and following day were a lot rougher.

As a final farewell to Brampton Island on the trip back we had an honour guard of Crested Terns as we left, plus a raft of Brown Boobies greeting us at the far end of the trip as we returned to the marina at Mackay.

In all it was a fantastic adventure, with some great wildlife, hiking and snorkelling, good food and company, and a chance to do some real good for the conservation of an endangered habitat in a national park on Brampton Island.




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